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SEO Tools and Plugins in Popular Website Builders

SEO Tools and Plugins in Popular Website Builders

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for driving traffic to websites. While some website builders like WordPress and Wix have built-in SEO features, most require additional plugins and tools to optimize sites. In this article, we’ll look at popular SEO plugins and tools available for the leading website builders – WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, and Shopify.

WordPress SEO Plugins

With over 60% market share, WordPress powers over 40% of all websites on the internet. Its open source nature and myriad of plugins, including SEO plugins, are the main reasons for its immense popularity. Here are some of the top SEO plugins for WordPress:

Yoast SEO – The most popular WordPress SEO plugin with over 5 million active installs. It covers all important on-page SEO factors like meta titles and descriptions, XML sitemaps, schema markup, etc. The premium version adds more features like redirect manager, focus keywords, and SEO analysis.

All in One SEO Pack – As the name suggests, this plugin optimizes various on-page and off-page SEO aspects. You can customize meta titles and descriptions, generate XML sitemap, do SEO analysis, and integrate with Google Search Console.

Rank Math SEO – A fast, lightweight plugin for WordPress SEO. It makes meta title/description editing easy and also helps optimize content with focus keywords. Additional features include XML sitemap, rich snippets, 404 monitor, local SEO, and role-based access.

The SEO Framework – Automates on-page SEO by generating meta tags, rich snippets, sitemaps etc. Other features include importer, SEO links, webmaster verification, and custom analytics. It has a minimal interface and optimized code.

SEOPress – An easy to use SEO plugin optimized for speed. It incorporates basic SEO features like meta title/description, Open Graph and Twitter Cards, XML sitemap, breadcrumbs, Google Analytics, etc. The premium version adds more functionality.

Wix SEO Apps

Wix is a popular drag and drop website builder used by over 180 million users. It has some built-in SEO features like meta title/description, alt text, and site structure customization. To further optimize SEO, you can use these Wix apps:

SEO Booster App – It provides detailed SEO audits revealing issues that impact site’s search visibility. You can then optimize pages to boost organic traffic. It also allows bulk editing of site meta info.

Site Booster App – This app crawls your site to check for 404 errors, broken links, duplicate content etc. It generates XML sitemaps, does search ranking analysis, and provides other optimization recommendations.

Social Meta App – It lets you customize Open Graph meta tags for each page to optimize content for social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This improves click-through rates from social media.

Google Analytics App – You can easily add Google Analytics tracking code to get access to visitor stats like traffic sources, geographic data, user behavior etc. It provides insights to improve SEO.

SERP Preview App – This app generates Google search preview snippets for your pages. It helps optimize page elements like meta titles/descriptions so they appear optimally in search results.

Squarespace SEO Plugins

Squarespace is an all-in-one web building and hosting platform. It has good built-in SEO capabilities like customizable meta tags, alt text, sitemaps etc. Some SEO enhancing plugins for Squarespace include:

SEO Pro Plugin – Adds important on-page SEO elements like meta titles, descriptions, open graph meta tags etc. Also provides SEO audits revealing Optimization opportunities.

Google Analytics Plugin – Integrates Google Analytics for in-depth tracking of traffic sources, visitor segments, behavior metrics, conversions and more. The data enables better SEO targeting.

SEO Manager Plugin – Lets you create and optimize separate meta title, description and images for each page. This results in more relevant Google search appearance.

Sitemap Generator Plugin – Automatically creates and submits XML sitemaps to search engines like Google, ensuring all site pages are indexed. Improves SEO crawlability.

Broken Link Checker Plugin – Scans site to identify and report broken links and images so they can be fixed. This improves site health for better SEO.

Webflow SEO Plugins

Webflow is a no-code web design platform focusing on front-end design and development. Being a front-end tool, it has limited built-in SEO capabilities. These plugins enhance SEO optimization in Webflow:

SEO Booster – Lets you customize meta titles and descriptions for each page. Also generates sitemaps and allows embedding of schema markup for better search visibility.

Tiny SEO – Enables editing of custom meta info like titles, descriptions, open graph, and Twitter cards data to enhance SEO.

SEO Checker – Crawls site to check for SEO errors like duplicate content, broken links, missing alt text etc. Generates reports so issues can be fixed.

Google Analytics – Adds Google Analytics tracking code to pages to unlock visitor stats and insights that can inform SEO strategy.

Sitemap Generator – Automatically creates XML sitemap and notifies search engines like Google for better indexation and crawlability.

Shopify SEO Apps

Shopify powers over 1 million ecommerce stores with its SaaS web building and hosting platform. For SEO, it offers built-in optimizations like page title and meta descriptions customization. Some popular SEO apps for Shopify stores are:

SEO Manager App – Provides detailed SEO audits and recommendations to fix issues like duplicate content, meta tags, page speed etc. Also lets you bulk edit meta title/descriptions.

Product SEO Optimizer App – Optimizes product pages’ titles, descriptions, alt text and other on-page elements for better visibility and sales.

ultimateSEO App – Crawls store to identify SEO issues. Lets you edit metadata like titles, descriptions, open graph and schema markup site-wide or per-page.

Link Whisper – Analyzes competitors’ backlinks and suggests relevant linking opportunities to earn high quality backlinks and drive organic traffic.

SEO Image Optimizer – Compresses image sizes without affecting quality. Also adds alt text to all images to improve page load speed and SEO.


Strong SEO is integral for business websites to drive targeted organic traffic from search engines. While some website builders have built-in SEO capabilities, most require additional plugins and tools for comprehensive optimization. Plugins like Yoast SEO for WordPress, SEO Booster for Wix, SEO Pro for Squarespace, and SEO Manager for Shopify, along with other tools can significantly improve search engine visibility and rankings. Implementing these will enable websites built on any platform to unlock their full SEO potential.

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