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A Deep Dive into Wix: Features and Functionalities

A Deep Dive into Wix: Features and Functionalities

Wix is a leading online website builder that allows users to create professional-looking websites with little to no coding experience. With over 200 million users worldwide, Wix has become one of the most popular platforms for building websites for businesses, online stores, portfolios, blogs and more.

In this deep dive, we will explore the key features and functionalities that make Wix such a versatile and powerful website builder. We will look at how Wix simplifies website creation through its user-friendly drag and drop editor and vast library of templates. We will also examine some of Wix’s standout capabilities like its SEO tools, ecommerce features, and third-party app integrations.

Whether you are looking to create your first website or take an existing one to the next level, read on to see why Wix is one of the top options for building an effective online presence.

Drag and Drop Editor

The core of the Wix website builder is its intuitive drag and drop editor that allows you to create and customize your site visually. Wix’s editor provides a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) experience, meaning you can drag site elements like images, text boxes, buttons and more right onto your page and see how they will appear live.

The drag and drop functionality makes it easy for anyone to build and edit their website, regardless of technical skill level. You don’t need to worry about coding in HTML, CSS or other web languages. Simply drag the elements you want onto your page and use the built-in customization tools to achieve the desired look and feel.

Some key features of Wix’s drag and drop editor include:

  • Pixel perfect design alignment: Snap elements into place on your pages and ensure everything is aligned and evenly spaced.
  • Mobile editing: Switch between desktop and mobile layouts to optimize site design for all devices.
  • Undo/redo: Easily fix mistakes or experiment with different designs.
  • Layouts: Choose from hundreds of pre-designed layouts for pages, blogs, stores and more.
  • Design effects: Enhance visuals with animations, parallax scrolling, video backgrounds and other design effects.

With its intuitive editor, Wix empowers anyone to bring their website vision to life visually and directly on the frontend canvas. You don’t need any prior web development experience to create a stunning site with Wix.

Customizable Site Templates

Wix offers hundreds of professionally designed and fully customizable templates to make website creation fast and easy. You can choose from templates for businesses, online stores, portfolios, blogs, restaurants and more.

The templates provide a starting point with website structure and design already in place. You can then use Wix’s design tools to customize everything from colors, fonts, layout and images to match your brand.

Some benefits of using Wix’s templates include:

  • Professionally designed: Built by designers for high visual impact.
  • Mobile optimized: Templates come responsive for all devices.
  • Customizable: Personalize templates with own content, visuals and branding.
  • SEO-friendly: Built with best practices for search optimization.
  • Niche-specific: Tailored templates for different industries and types of sites.

Whether launching a full-fledged business website or putting together a simple landing page, Wix templates allow you to skip over the difficult design phase and focus on personalizing the content. The templates are also fully customizable, so you’re not stuck with cookie-cutter site design.

With hundreds of templates for all types of websites, Wix makes it possible for anyone to get an effective and unique website up and running quickly.

Media Galleries

Wix provides powerful media galleries to help you store, organize, manage and display photos, videos, audio files and other media seamlessly on your site.

With Wix’s media galleries, you can:

  • Upload high-quality media from your computer or import directly from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox and more.
  • Organize media into albums with descriptions, tags and other metadata.
  • Perform edits like cropping, rotating, applying filters and more.
  • Display galleries using slideshows, carousels, pop-ups and full-screen views.
  • Optimize images for web automatically during upload.
  • Enable right click protection to prevent media unauthorized downloads.

Having robust media handling capabilities right from your Wix dashboard makes it easy to store all your site’s media assets in one place. Displaying your media galleries directly through Wix also ensures optimal loading speeds over linking to external sites.

Whether you want to showcase product catalogs, portfolios of work, team profiles, event photos or anything visual, Wix equips you with professional gallery options that are easy to manage and look great on any device.

SEO Tools

Good search engine optimization is crucial for driving traffic to your website from Google and other search engines. Wix provides a suite of built-in SEO tools to improve your site’s visibility and ranking in organic search results.

Some of Wix’s key SEO features include:

  • XML sitemap generator: Helps search engines index all your site’s pages.
  • Search engine indexing: Allow or block search engines from indexing specific pages.
  • Custom page titles & meta descriptions: Craft compelling titles and descriptions for search listings.
  • SEO-friendly URLs: Create clean URL slugs optimized for keywords.
  • Built-in mobile optimization: Templates are mobile-ready for better mobile search rankings.
  • Google Analytics integration: Track and analyze important visitor data.
  • Site speed optimization: CDN, image compression and caching optimize load times.
  • Alt text manager: Add descriptive alt text to images for better image SEO.

Since Wix sites are built on clean HTML5 and CSS3 code, they provide a solid SEO foundation. With Wix’s user-friendly SEO tools built right into the platform, you can improve search optimization without any technical knowledge.

Ecommerce Features

Wix provides a full-featured online store solution that lets you sell physical products, digital downloads like ebooks or courses, take bookings for services and accept online payments.

With Wix Stores, you can:

  • Create product catalogs with options like customizable variants.
  • Set up intuitive store navigation and category pages.
  • Process secure payments using Stripe, PayPal, Wix Payments and 50+ other gateways.
  • Manage shipping rates, taxes and discounts.
  • Track inventory across multiple locations.
  • Send automated order notifications and receipts.
  • Offer coupons, gift cards and loyalty programs.
  • Handle refunds and exchanges.
  • Access Sales reports and other data.

Wix handles all the technical aspects of running an online store like security, PCI compliance and scalability. You simply focus on creating a stellar shopping experience through attractive product pages, polished branding and excellent customer service.

For small businesses or those launching a first ecommerce site, Wix Stores provide an affordable and feature-rich online retail platform that integrates seamlessly with your Wix website.

Email Marketing

Wix’s Corvid email marketing app provides professional email capabilities to help you communicate with contacts, promote your business and drive repeat sales.

With the Corvid email app, you can:

  • Create beautiful email templates matching your brand style.
  • Import contacts and build mailing lists easily.
  • Send automated welcome and follow up messages.
  • Design promotional newsletters and announcements.
  • Segment contacts for targeted messaging.
  • Track opens, clicks and other analytics.
  • Integrate with web forms to collect leads.
  • Schedule email campaigns ahead of time.

Having your own branded email platform integrated directly into your Wix site provides a cohesive customer experience. You can control the messaging, avoid expensive third-party providers and customize emails to complement your overall brand style.

For businesses looking for an affordable and customizable email marketing solution, Wix’s Corvid email app is a robust option worth exploring.

Membership and Paywalls

Wix lets you monetize your site’s premium content by setting up paid memberships or paywalls. This allows you to easily charge for access to things like premium blog posts, special reports, instructional videos, podcast archives and more.

With Wix’s membership options you can:

  • Create and customize subscription packages.
  • Offer free and paid membership tiers with different access levels.
  • Accept one-time payments or recurring subscriptions.
  • Provide both digital and physical membership perks.
  • Limit access to premium content based on membership status.
  • Integrate members-only areas seamlessly into site pages and menus.
  • Manage all members and subscriptions from a central dashboard.

For bloggers, coaches, teachers, and anyone producing “gated” content, Wix provides an easy way to generate revenue from your work while building closer relationships with your best customers.

Memberships and paywalls are also great for businesses wanting to offer VIP access or premium services to loyal customers and supporters. The integrated system keeps everything easily managed within your Wix site.

Third-Party App Integrations

One of Wix’s biggest advantages is its App Market featuring hundreds of third-party applications and integrations. Installing these apps provides expanded features and functionality to customize your site.

Some top app categories include:

  • Ecommerce: Payment, shipping, tax and other ecommerce tools.
  • Marketing: SEO, analytics, social media and email marketing apps.
  • Media: Photo galleries, audio/video players and graphic design apps.
  • Business: Booking, proposal, invoice and other business process apps.
  • Productivity: Forms, live chat, calendars and docs.

You can browse and install apps directly from your Wix dashboard. Pricing is per app based on the provider. Many quality apps are available for free or at very affordable rates.

Key partnerships with platforms like Google, Stripe, HubSpot and many more allow you to integrate leading tools directly into your Wix website with just a few clicks.

The Wix App Market unlocks a vast range of functions to help you build a fully featured, custom site without needing to code anything from scratch.

Blogging Platform

Wix provides an SEO-friendly blogging platform that makes it easy for businesses and individuals to publish content on their website.

With Wix’s integrated blogging engine, you can:

  • Author blog posts directly in Wix’s visual editor.
  • Categorize and tag posts.
  • Add images, videos and documents.
  • Create blog post schedules.
  • Allow users to comment on posts.
  • Share blog posts on social media.
  • Create email newsletters from blog posts.
  • Submit posts to search engines.
  • Moderate and respond to comments.
  • Analyze blog traffic and engagement.

For small business owners, bloggers, artists, and anyone wanting to publish content online, Wix’s blogging platform lets you quickly launch a professional blog that engages visitors and helps drive website growth.

And since the blog is fully integrated into your Wix site, you can match the design look and feel across your entire web presence for a cohesive brand experience.

Video Backgrounds

Wix provides options to use video backgrounds on any page of your site to create dynamic, eye-catching effects.

You can upload your own video files in common formats like MP4 or embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo or other platforms. Wix will automatically optimize and compress videos for smooth playback.

Some creative ways businesses are using video backgrounds include:

  • Hero sections and landing pages.
  • Portfolio and gallery pages.
  • Testimonial sections.
  • About or contact pages.
  • Header and footer elements.
  • Product and service overview pages.

With customizable options like autoplay, loop, volume, playback speed, image overlays and more, Wix video backgrounds provide an immersive experience for highlighting your brand story and visuals in a memorable way for visitors.

The video backgrounds are also responsive so they adapt for optimal viewing on all devices. With Wix’s user-friendly interface, you can add lush video backgrounds to make any page distinct without needing video editing expertise.

Wix Logo Maker

Wix provides its own AI-powered logo maker to help businesses and individuals easily create professional logos even without graphic design skills.

With Wix’s logo maker, you can:

  • Choose from hundreds of fonts and icons to build your logo.
  • Start with curated logo templates and color palettes.
  • Add shapes, images and graphic elements.
  • Customize colors, spacing, alignments and more.
  • Animate your logo with motion effects.
  • Preview logo on mockups like business cards, signage, ads and more.
  • Download high-res logo files for print and digital use.
  • Save unlimited logo versions and iterations.

Having an eye-catching and original logo is vital for establishing brand identity and recognition. Wix’s logo maker simplifies the logo design process so you can quickly develop a polished logo representing your business or project, all through an intuitive editor right in your Wix dashboard.

Wix Bookings

Wix Bookings provides sophisticated booking and appointment management software for service businesses like salons, clinics, studios and more.

Key features of Wix Bookings include:

  • Booking pages with customizable scheduling options.
  • Calendar syncing across devices.
  • Custom booking forms and questionnaires.
  • Client database and profiles.
  • Staff and service management.
  • SMS and email reminders and confirmations.
  • Online payments and deposits.
  • Availability calendars and blackout dates.
  • Discounts and special offers.
  • Analytics and reports.

Whether booking appointments, classes, events or contracting services, Wix Bookings provides a professional solution for managing schedules and customers all in one place – streamlining operations for service businesses.

The automated confirmations, reminders and other communications also provide an enhanced customer experience that builds loyalty. With customizable booking flows and pages, Wix Bookings can be tailored for businesses across many service-based industries.

Wix Restaurants

Wix Restaurants provides specialized templates and features designed specifically for restaurants, food trucks, catering companies and other food-based businesses.

Some highlights of Wix Restaurants include:

  • Restaurant-specific templates.
  • Intuitive online ordering system.
  • Mobile-friendly menus.
  • Dynamic menu management.
  • Table management and reservations.
  • Order management system.
  • Food delivery integrations.
  • Guest profiles and order history.
  • Marketing tools like loyalty programs.

Wix Restaurants combines stunning food-focused design with tools to easily manage reservations, menus, orders, delivery and more in one place.

Having an elegant online presence along with seamless backend order and table management streamlines operations. Customers also benefit from user-friendly online ordering and profiles to save favorite orders and payment information.

For restaurants looking to deliver a standout customer experience online, Wix Restaurants provides tailored solutions not found in more generic website builders.

Mobile Optimization

With mobile traffic now accounting for over half of all website visits, it’s essential for any website to be fully mobile optimized. Wix sites are designed to adapt visually to look great on all mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Some of Wix’s mobile optimization features include:

  • Responsive design: Sites automatically adapt for optimal viewing and navigation on any screen size.
  • Mobile editing: Edit your site on mobile preview to fine-tune mobile experience.
  • Touch-friendly navigation: Large buttons and taps optimized for touch interfaces.
  • Adjustable text size: Visitors can adjust text for easier reading.
  • Streamlined information architecture: Display only most essential site information on mobile.
  • Fast image loading: Images compressed and scaled for faster loading.
  • Simplified forms: Easy-to-use contact and signup forms.

With the majority of website traffic now on mobile, no business can afford to have a poorly optimized mobile experience. Wix takes care of all the technical details behind the scenes to ensure your site looks and works excellently on smartphones and tablets.


Website security is crucial for protecting your site against cyber threats and vulnerabilities. As a leading website builder, Wix employs extensive security measures including:

  • SSL/TLS encryption: Forces HTTPS secure connections.
  • Data protection: Servers located in specialized secure data centers.
  • Access control: Granular user permission settings.
  • Backups and redundancy: Multiple copy backups protect against data loss.
  • Uptime monitoring: Systems monitored 24/7 for maximum uptime.
  • Code protection: Built on HTML5 and CSS3 to avoid injection attacks.
  • Application security: In-house app review process for security.
  • PCI compliance: Meets payment security standards for secure transactions.
  • GDPR compliance: Complies with EU data protection regulations.

Wix not only provides an intuitive website building experience, but enterprise-grade security behind the scenes to protect your site at all levels. This allows you to focus on creating great website content and engaging your audience without worrying about vulnerabilities.

Domain Registration

Wix provides integrated domain registration and management within its platform for a streamlined website setup process.

You can register new domains or transfer existing domains right from your Wix dashboard in just a few clicks. Domains are available in common TLDs like .com, .net, .org, .info as well as country-specific domains.

Benefits of registering domains with Wix include:

  • Secure registrar with strong domain protections.
  • No extra fees for private registration and renewal locks.
  • Bulk domain search to find available names.
  • Easy domain forwarding, DNS management and URL redirects.
  • Seamless integration with your Wix site and email.

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